Dental Update

  • Launched in 1973, Dental Update is a clinical journal that is only available on subscription. It is fully audited by the ABC and now boasts a circulation of 7,599 per month 7,000 more than its nearest rival. The Subscription rate for the UK is £99. Editorially the journal is aimed at the general practitioner. Dental Update also offers 40 hours of verifiable CPD either online or traditional methods.
  • The website, only accessible to subscribers, achieves over 10,000 unique users per month from the subscriber base and over 40,000 downloads from dental schools. Every UK Dental School has an online subscription for multiple access to the website.
  • Dental Update has appeared on Medline and Pub Med the worlds largest medical library for peer reviewed clinical journals for over 30 years.

The Dentist

  • A Monthly glossy title that has a controlled circulation which is audited by the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations). The terms and conditions specify that you must be a practising GDP or Practice Manager to receive the journal. Circulation ABC 17,594.
  • Editorially since its launch the journal has focussed on practice management features/issues, with regular features on business, IT and legal cases that the clinician needs to be aware of to run a successful practice with either a private or combined NHS and private patient list.
  • The Journal is a perfect bound stylish magazine and editorially is article led rather than product, giving the reader a full insight into the article/ information rather than just company profiles.
  • The Website replicates the journal, although is led by the news content and it contains a forum to discuss current trends or articles.

Orthodontic Update

  • Orthodontic Update was launched as a sister publication to Dental Update. It is a clinical title aimed at the high street Orthodontist, and general practitioner with a small Ortho list.
  • Orthodontic Update is a peer reviewed journal replicating Dental Update and is only available on subscription.
  • Published quarterly it is limited to three advertising pages per issue with a educational sponsor.

We are also very proud to have just been invited to be cited on Medline and Pub Med the worlds largest medical library for clinical journals.

  • A CPD website launched 12 months ago to offer affordable verifiable CPD to DCPs in general practice. Priced from £59.00 – £89.00, the website offers up to 15 hours of CPD to dental nurses, practice managers and all auxillary staff in the dental practice.
  • CPD papers are published on a quarterly basis although, the home page is a news led page and is updated weekly.
  • There are four CPD papers – two focussing on CPD for the dental nurse, and two focusing on the practice manager. All papers have to be read and answered online. Certificates are stored in a CPD archive for the subscriber and can be downloaded after each CPD cycle or annually.

Dental Therapy Update

  • Published quarterly on behalf of the British Association of Dental Therapists (BADT), Dental Therapy Update is the most direct route to educate this vital role. With the government encouraging dental practices to embrace dental therapy seriously, it is a perfect platform to be seen by the trained dental therapist.
  • CPD is available from a previous paper published in Dental Update, offering 15 hours verifiable CPD. The journal Dental Therapy Update offers news, views, and opinions to this growing sector and it’s association.

Practice Management

  • Practice Management the only magazine for managers in Primary Care. This is the only Journal that caters for Managers in general practice – the fastest changing working environment in the UK.


Over seven years Dental Update has collected over 10,000 email addresses from online CPD participation, maintaining the subscription database and also taking an average of 150 subscriptions via the net from online purchases.

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